"The Church in the Darkness" Opens Its Doors To The World August 2nd

The Collective Justice Mission is ready to reveal Freedom Town to the world! The Church in the Darkness will release August 2nd.

Infiltrate Freedom Town's compound. What methods will you choose?

Your nephew has left his life behind to join the Collective Justice Mission deep in the jungles of South America. The letters have stopped and the silence is deafening. Sneak into Freedom Town, uncover the compound's secrets, and decide how to help your nephew.

Choose your tactics: remain under the cover of secrecy, dispatch guards non-lethally, or kill whomever gets in your way. Live with the consequences of your choices.

Investigate loyal followers. Which stories will you discover?

Each playthrough offers a different narrative. Discover who the leaders, Isaac and Rebecca Walker, really are. Confront your enemies or forge new alliances in the pursuit of truth. Condemn the Collective Justice Mission or save a burgeoning community. The choices are yours and the endings are bountiful.

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Will those of us who purchased the game here get our Steam keys via email or some other method?  Can't wait to see the full release!

Hey there, thanks again for purchasing the alpha version, it was super appreciated.  We do plan to be sure each of you gets a Steam key (as well as the version here on Itch).  I have just posted a little info about that in the (still private) forum, so go check that out for more info, and expect more details next week.