Accessibility Update (1.2.0) Build Notes


  • Accessibility options appear on launch for all players after installing the update or if no config file is found.
  • Added Screen Reader on Windows and MacOS. Windows requires you to download NVDA, a free screen reader. 
  • Added Linear Navigation, an option to adjust the game to use simple keyboard/controller controls. Auto enabled when Screen Reader is active.
  • Added Bigger Dialogue Text, an option to toggle between 32pt and 38pt font during dialog and dialog menus.
  • Added Dyslexic Dialog Font, an option to toggle between Anonymous Pro and OpenDyslexic fonts. Only available when the current language is English.
  • Added Selection Indicator, an option that adds a visual indicator to discern your selection. Auto disabled when Linear Navigation is active.
  • Added Use System Cursor, an option to toggle between using NLH's pixel cursor and your system cursor.
  • Added Fast Skip, skips dialog every 0.3 seconds as long as the button is held. Button is the Space or Enter key on keyboard and mouse and the Run button on controllers.


  • Updated Xbox controller icons to be more in line with modern Xbox iconography.
  • Increased height of dialog and dialog menus to accommodate the bigger dialogue text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where pause menu items could not be selected with the mouse during the Bo’s dream sequence while the dialogue menu was hidden.
  • Fixed instances where Among the Leaves’ dialogue was displayed at the bottom of the screen instead of the top.

Screen Reader Notes

  • The screen reader's voice and volume cannot be changed within the game, instructions on how to change it below.
  • Auto skip cannot be enabled when the screen reader is enabled due to limitation to detecting when the Screen Reader finishes speaking.
  • Text prints all at once when screen reader is enabled, this is so the screen reader properly reads the text.
  • NVDA users: We recommend you disable "Speak typed characters" under Keyboard in Settings.
  • MacOS users: We have observed audio issues on MacBook speakers when dialogue starts and finishes, using headphones are recommended

How to adjust Screen Reader Volume and Voice

  • NVDA: Right click NVDA in the system toolbar and navigate to Preferences > Settings > Speech. 
  • MacOS: Open System Preferences and navigate to Accessibility > Spoken Content. 

Linear Navigation Notes 

  • Minimal UI is auto enabled when Linear Navigation is enabled. Keyboard/Controller buttons for Auto Skip, Narrative Log, and Pause all still work.
  • If Screen Reader is disabled Linear Navigation will skip the selection of labels since they have no interaction without the Screen Reader.
  • While Linear Navigation is enabled, UI will be revealed automatically without needing to navigate the scene.

Linear Navigation Controls

Keyboard and MouseXbox ControllersPlayStation ControllersNintendo Switch Controllers
SelectUp and Down arrow keysLeft Stick, D Pad, or LB and RB buttonsLeft Stick, D Pad, or L1 and R1 buttonsLeft Stick, D Pad, or L and R buttons
Confirm Selection
Enter keyA buttonCross buttonA button
Rotate EnvironmentA and D keysLT and RTL2 and R2ZL and ZR
Auto Skip (if Screen Reader disabled)Tab keyY buttonTriangle buttonX button
Narrative LogL keyX buttonSquare buttonY button
PauseEsc keyStart/Menu buttonOptions button+ button


No Longer Home (Windows) 382 MB
Version 1.2.0 Jan 18, 2022
No Longer Home (OSX) 379 MB
Version 1.2.0 Jan 18, 2022
No Longer Home (Linux) 390 MB
Version 1.2.0 Jan 18, 2022

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